About Me

Hey, I'm Drew. I'm a photographer, writer, humorist, and teacher based out of Northern California. 

Photography, for me, is a gift I get to give others. I started out as a writer, but for me, writing was always something I did for myself. Pointing the lens inward and examining the conflicts and non-sense of my life and trying to make meaning of it. (Check out my Adventure Journal for some examples.)

But photography, that's something I do for other people. It wasn't until photography that I realized the very deep and personal joy I could bring people with that practice. By capturing real, genuine moments, and not just posed portraits, I could capture people as they really were, as others remembered them, and preserve for them forever. 

That's what photography is to me- a service. And if you would like to enlist me to capture some of your moments, please contact me below. 

About Me

I'm a writer, photographer, humorist, philosopher, and teacher based out of Northern California.


Thanks for getting lost. 


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