If you're searching for a unique look to capture an event or time in your life, consider hiring me as your primary or secondary photographer. I combine a street photography method of shooting with a fine art photography eye for style to capture candid, genuine moments that will look great on both your social media pages and the walls of your home. My photographic practice sets me apart from other photographers, through both the images that I create and the way I interact with the people I photograph.

Interested in seeing what I can do for you? Here are a couple ideas! 

Invite me to your parties. I practice a street photography style of shooting to catch candid moments that really capture the vibe of your events. Instead of sticking out like a sore thumb like a lot of photographers, I blend in, having conversations and drinks with people who are often unaware that I'm even taking photos of them until they see the amazing results. I'm interested in real moments, and that's what makes my event photography special. 

Rethink your online dating profile. This is one of the more 21st century services I offer. Have you been on dating sites for a while but seem to have no luck? Are all your pictures selfies in the bathroom? Or selfies in your car? Or are your pictures the opposite- over stylized pictures that just come off reeking of the touches of a professional photographer? Consider hiring me to take candid photographs of you for your profile. It works like this, plan something fun that you think is representative of your life- a baseball game, playing pool, hiking, camping, etc. The sort of activity that says who you are. Then invite me along! The pictures will come across great and natural, and no one will be all the wiser that you paid someone to take them. Just check out my gallery below! 

Plan a fun day with your family. Want some remarkable shots of you and your family? Instead of going to a bridge or some rocks somewhere while you pose awkwardly for the camera, why not plan a fun day with your family and invite me along? You'll be having so much fun with your family or friends, you'll hardly realize I took a single photo. Instead of getting a bunch of posed shots, you'll have something really special- a beautiful memory you'll always remember. Some ideas: plan a BBQ, a hike, a D&D game, a trip to an amusement park, or whatever you think is the best way for your family to bond. Whatever it is, invite me along and I'll capture it when it happens.

My equipment. One of the things that sets me apart from other photographers is my equipment. Take, for example, lenses. Now I think that it is impossible for a person to feel relaxed in front of a giant, canon sized lens. As soon as that thing goes up, everyone freezes. I use small but exceptional lenses that don't stick out in a crowded environment. Though I have a variety of excellent professional quality digital cameras, I really come into my own with my film cameras. I have an expertise in a variety of rare and awesome films that can give your event or family photos a look that is truly one of a kind. But the most important thing about my cameras is that they don't distract from what's really important- having a fun time and making lasting memories. 

If you're interested hiring me, fill out the information below, with a description of what you are looking for and I'll get back to you with a quote. Thanks!

Sample event and family photos

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I'm a writer, photographer, humorist, philosopher, and teacher based out of Northern California.


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